A new way to experience yoga!

Using an aerial hammock you’ll practice traditional and new yoga postures with a feeling of weightlessness. DANA® AERIAL YOGA works with gravity and will transform your asana practice!
In DANA® AERIAL YOGA gravity is used in a very playful manner. Aerial yoga focuses on allowing the hammock to fully or partially support your body weight, building our abilities to trust and let go, increasing your bodies strength and flexibility. 

The Sanskrit word “DANA” means “present”.


DANA® AERIAL YOGA - Portrait from Dhanya


The hammock is your partner

A soft, fabric aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling is used as a partner to partially or fully support your body weight. It makes it fun to practice traditional and new asanas, to be playful and challenge yourself, to enhance your practice of inversions or simply to relax in savasana.

Dana Aerial Yoga classes are fun and at the same time building strength, expanding flexibility and range of motion.
Each class has a consistent structure:


By using the hammock even advanced DANA® AERIAL YOGA asanas are easy to master and will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the traditional asana.

The practice allows you to build strength, expand flexibility and increase range of motion in shoulders, arms, legs, back, core and hips. You develop strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. All you need is a little courage, body tension and balance.

DANA® AERIAL YOGA is a particular “yogic” practice. Meaning that all aspects of yoga are included as part of the class: Mantras, meditation and pranayama. Other aerial yoga styles focus mostly on the sportive and acrobatic aspect.

DANA® AERIAL YOGA soothes your mind and heals your nervous system. The hammock will give you a feeling of confidence and peace as you lie in it like in a cocoon.

The practice will bring you in contact with the inner core of your being!