The DANA® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUTE is a recognized training company and has been providing regular services since 2012

TEACHER TRAININGS & ADVANCED TRAININGS in Germany, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.


DANA® AERIAL YOGA Teacher Training

The DANA® AERIAL YOGA Teacher Training is a consecutive 9-day- course containing 100 lessons (1 lesson is 45 min).
It’s a very intense training with heaps of theory and practice, which can be challenging but is good fun at the same time.


In the DANA® AERIAL YOGA Teacher Training you’ll learn:

We are training the correct practice of the most important DANA® AERIAL YOGA Asanas as long as needed to get you comfortable to practice them by yourself and also to teach them to your students.

The idea is to gain a solid understanding of the physical and spiritual effects of Aerial Yoga. You’ll need that deep understanding to teach fruitfully. The training is not about turning you into a professional gymnast.

We are very focused on training you as a teacher. The most important thing for teachers is to be able to pass on their knowledge to their students and participants correctly in an easy-to-understand- way, which is fun and secure all the same.

One of the key skills to learn in the teacher training is to correct the student’s postures. We show you how to do that by verbal instructions and adjustments. We also train you in sequencing a practice.
At the end of the training you will be ask to teach a sample lesson with real students, who have no or very limited aerial yoga experience.

We’ll provide you with information about the hammock and the supplies. This contains the correct installation, the required distance in between the hammocks or to the next wall and the required ceiling height.

Every day of the course starts with a meditation practice, which is not only a great way to start the day but can also be employed in your prospective yoga teaching.

The manual contains the description of 100+ Asanas, 200+ photographs, relevant details and essential information.

We’ll give you an overview of the most important security aspects for you and your students.


The Sanskrit word “DANA” means gift.


We are thrilled to present you with that gift and we are sure that you will be happy to pass it on to your students.


After the teacher training you will be itching to start teaching DANA® AERIAL YOGA as soon as possible.
Every course has a maximum of 8 participants. Full attendance of the 100 lessons is essential.
At the end of the course you will be asked to sit a written exam and teach a lesson.

Passing both tests, you will obtain a certificate that enables you to teach as a certified DANA® AERIAL YOGA teacher.

The DANA® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUTE is not a franchise, so there’s no further payments required to use the certificate. The certificate does not need to be renewed or extended.

After obtaining the certificate, your name and contact details will appear on our website in the category “CERTIFIED DANA® AERIAL YOGA TEACHER” so that potential students can find you. You might also want to join our DANA® AERIAL YOGA Teacher Group on Facebook that enables you to interact and share experiences with other yoga teachers!



The Teacher Training is a consecutive 9-day- course containing 100 lessons.
There is a waiting list for courses which are booked out. Just contact us.




Day 1                           6 pm   to   9 pm                    
Day 2 - 5                                 9 am   to   7 pm           
Day 6    9 am   to   1 pm      
    about 4 hours free practice time & homework
Day 7 - 8    9 am   to   7 pm           
Day 9                 9 am   to   5 pm           






DATES 2019

JAN 17th    -   JAN 25th                

Odenwald / Germany                                                                        

FEB 03rd    -   FEB 11th          

YOGA VIDYA Bad Meinberg / Germany  

www.yoga-vidya.de/seminarhaus-shanti 2019
MAR 22th    -   MAR 30th          

Hamburg / Germany   -   DANA® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUT

APR 20th    -   APR 28th

Zurich / Switzerland         

MAY 23th    -   MAY 31th

Bad Friedrichshall / Germany         

JUL 06th    -   JUL 14th

Bellin / Germany    

Summer location of the DANA® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUTE
SEP 07th    -   SEP 15th        

Haan / Germany 

OCT 05th    -   OCT 13th          

Hamburg / Germany   -   DANA® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUT

NOV 10 th   -  NOV 18 th 

Sri Lanka / Singharaja Garden Lodge     Teaching language: English




Professional yoga teacher or multiple years of advanced yoga practice 



1.450 EUR                   incl. manual, certificate and examination fee (Germany)

1.650 EUR                   incl. manual, certificate and examination fee (Switzerland & Sri Lanka)    


For further information, enrolment and terms of payment please contact us on: info@dana-aerialyoga.de

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Odenwald  /  yoga 4 soul




Bad Friedrichshall  (Baden-Württemberg)  /  YogaKraftwerk





Zurich / Bambus 




Sri Lanka

Singharaja Garden Lodge